AngelList blog

The AngelList blog offers some refreshing insights into how startups and early-stage funding companies can approach recruitment.

This blog doesn’t get updated so frequently, BUT all the content it features can be applied almost immediately. So if you specialize in assisting startup companies with their hiring needs or if you’re an in-house recruiter at a startup, you might want to follow this blog for its early-stage hiring tips.

With tips from this recruitment blog, you’ll be able to win candidates that have an entrepreneurial mindset that can prove to be great assets for your client or company that’s still in the startup phase.

An evergreen article from this recruitment blog: What Makes A Good Head Of Talent—Beyond “People Skills”

This article will actually help you get placed as the Head of Talent at a startup, if that’s what you aim to be.

But even in general, it covers some very tricky questions that you as a recruiter must always be ready to answer (for example — questions on attrition). Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Pretend we hired you as a consultant to evaluate our talent function.

What questions would you ask?”

If a candidate asks you a question about attrition, or another metric that shows they’re thinking about recruiting in the greater financial context of your business, that’s a good sign.