Learn SEO from home today! Accredited online course only $19!

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Learn SEO from home today! Accredited online course only $19!


Use the high-value advice in this online course to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic. Learn proven SEO strategies and outrank your rivals!

Are you invisible online? Are your competitors higher up on Google than you? How can you beat them and attract clients to come to you instead? By harnessing the power of SEO.

Whether you wish to become an SEO expert earning $75-$200 an hour or you wish to avoid having to spend all that money on expert SEO services, this course will be your savior.

How do I become an SEO expert?

Meet course tutor and digital marketing expert Diego Davila has already helped more than 400,000 people and businesses. Now he will empower you to use expert SEO strategies to:

  • Skyrocket your online presence  
  • Attract customers worldwide by being found by the 86% of consumers who rely on the internet to find a local business 
  • Reap long-term benefits of increased traffic from the SEO work you implement today

You won’t be mystified by SEO jargon any more, because you will:

  • Know what SEO stands for and how it helps your business thrive online
  • Enjoy the thrill of searching for keywords that will enable you to leap up in your Google ranking
  • Know what “optimize your website” means and carry out the techniques to make it happen
  • Use proven SEO strategies, such as backlinks, to establish your business and brand online

How to become an SEO expert is answered in this exciting course. Study now to put these easy-to-understand steps in place to outrank your rivals and get the online fame and fortune your business deserves.

What marks this course apart?

  • This course follows a well-structured syllabus designed by experts 
  • We will walk you through everything you need to know on the topic in easy-to-understand, jargon-free language 
  • The courses are designed around you. You can study when and where it suits you  
  • The course is accredited by ICOES. A certificate is available to download immediately on completion of the course 
  • We have a 5-star customer support team which is there to assist students every step of the way
  • More than 95% of our students would recommend our courses to their friends


This course hands you golden nuggets of information to become an SEO specialist. Get the answers to regular SEO problems such as: 

  • How will I get to the holy grail of page 1 on Google?
  • What exactly is SEO and why is it so important for business success?
  • What are keywords? How do I find them? How do I know which keywords to use?
  • What does it mean to optimize your websiteHow will it benefit me?  
  • What are backlinks and how do I use them effectively?
  • How can I use social media to strengthen my brand?