About Us

About us

The Job wall Global is a new recruitment agency founded by Mrs Golriz Ardekani at 2018 based on her ten years study on European and middle east recruiting market.

Due to our dedicated study of more than 1900 business within European and middle east marketing during 2007 to 2017, 47% business owners don’t like to hire the people through the recruitment agencies due to expensive rates, loads of irrelevant telephone calls from recruitment consultants, loads of CV reviews, the complication of the recruiting systems, hidden fees, cloud candidates and unsatisfying customer services.

Therefore, 41%of the business owners are still trusting the recruiting but not completely satisfied and happy with their services, due to some different reasons, for example, expensive rates, a short length of time for cv downloadsnot enough support from recruitment agencies and lots more…

And only 13% of business owners within European and middle east market are thrilled to use recruitment agencieshowever, they only have some minor suggestion to improve the recruiting service.

Consequently, due to study of more than 3,500 job seekers in the same duration, we find out, around 79% of job seekers don’t like to use the recruitment agencies, they forced to use them as their situation. However, Still, they are not happy with their system due to lack of professions, lack of customer services, long or no response time, wasting their time by unprofessional and useless interviews telling lies, about the availability of jobs and at the end not protecting the people with disability situation.

After ten years that the market was studied entirely, and we had a right hand on a current market we decided to run a new global recruitment agency to include a different criterion and use a professional people to make a revolution in recruiting industry.Again, we study more than 580 job seekers and companies to see what kind of services make them happier with the recruitment agencies.

And base on our research we find out, finding a professional, good attitude people that understandable and easy to work is the essential needs of both job seekers and companies. In this case, Job Wall Global try to provide a professional service with some innovative ideas to make a relevant change in the current market.