The Best Cover Letter Template!

Your Name



Phone Number

Recipient Name

Job Role

Business Address



Dear [Recipient Name]

Re: Job Role


Explain the role you’re applying for, where you found the vacancy and that your CV/application is enclosed.


Why are you suitable for the job? – briefly describe the professional and academic qualifications that make you suitable for the job, reminding them of what they are looking for.


Why are you suitable for the job? – briefly describe the skills and experiences that you have that are relevant for the role, including any keywords from the job listing.


What can you do for them? – include role-specific examples of what you have achieved that are relevant. They may from previous positions, your current role, or from your academic career.

For example ‘I have increased sales by X? by…’


Quick summary of why you are the right fit for the role and company.


Thank the employer for their time/consideration and that you look forward to hearing from them.


Yours Sincerely, (if you know their name)

Yours Faithfully, (if you do not know their name)

[Your Name]