5 Ways You Can Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Assess Your Current Strategy
Looking to see what roles you are recruiting for, when, why and how will help you to look at the most effective ways to hire. Some jobs suit postings on job boards, others can be done internally or through recruitment agencies. 
Consider Using An ATS
An Applicant Tracking System helps you to view, rank and rack applications and more! Using this technology will streamline your recruitment process as they can be tailored to sort through applications based on what you're looking for.
Set Up Automated Responses
To save time in getting back to every applicant, you can set up automated responses to let them know the next stages of the process.

This can be done using an ATS or by having an automated response on a certain email address.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Setting deadlines for those who are in charge of hiring will help to streamline the entire process as it avoids delays and means jobs can be filled quicker. Applicants are also not left waiting and wondering, resulting in a positive experience for all.

Have A Clear Process

To streamline your process, it is a good idea to think about the stages of interviews that you want the applicants to do.

For example, some jobs may require applicants to go to a test centre, others may require a phone call then formal interview..