Self-Confidence – The Key to a Successful Career


Confidence is a trait that comes naturally to some, and not to others. This means that some people will need to work on how they put themselves across, helping them to interact with employees, stay motivated and maybe even progress in their career.

It is important to understand why confidence in the workplace is so important to give you the boost that you may need to self-improve.

We have therefore included a list of reasons why confidence is important as well as advice on how you can become more self-confident.


Why is Confidence Important?

Being assertive shows that you can take initiative, can handle pressure without too much stress, and demonstrates that you are willing to take on new challenges. Confidence helps to boost performance which will lead to your employer noticing your value in the business and maybe even helping progress your career.

Communication skills are key for employers.

Showing that you can communicate well allows you to get points across to colleagues clearly and efficiently which demonstrates that you are confident in your communication abilities. This is not only key for employers, but good with good communication, you will find that your job goes much smoother.

Confidence also helps with your productivity.

By being confident in yourself you are less likely to second guess yourself, therefore completing tasks on time, on budget and to a high standard. If you are productive, you will be valued as an employee and could end up working on more projects and can be a key member in reaching company goals.

When your employer sees that you are productive, they may introduce new challenges to you that could lead to furthering your career and getting promoted.

Overall, you can see that confidence in yourself is key to progression and productivity at work.

If you can master being confident then you will be able to open more doors for yourself and achieve much more than if you are not confident in yourself.

How to Become more Self-Confident

So, how do you become more confident? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that becoming confident will happen overnight. You will have to work on yourself and your outlook towards work, but by trying hard and following our advice, you can do it!

  • Be positive

Being positive to yourself is key to becoming confident.

When you can be kind to yourself and acknowledge your own skills and attributes, you are more likely to feel confident in yourself and believe that you can achieve more. A positive mindset will help you to feel like you can do anything, therefore boosting your confidence.

Go beyond your mindset in terms of positivity and remove any negative language from your vocabulary! If you say ‘I can’t’ often, then you are bound to start believing yourself.

But if you ask how instead, it is more likely that you will boost your confidence by remaining positive.

  • Improve your knowledge

When you are learning more, you can become more of an expert inn your field. This means that you can become more confident in answering questions thrown at you by colleagues or your employers.

Knowing more about the theory behind processes and practices will allow you to be more confident in doing them.

  • Learn from mistakes

Everyone makes the occasional mistake. Even if you are super confident, a natural human thing to do is to mess up sometimes.

Instead of being ashamed and going over it again and again, use your mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve for next time. This will help you to be more confident the next time to complete the task as you will have figured out what went wrong and how to fix it.

  • Focus on strengths

If you are lacking in confidence, then a good way to build it up is to focus on what you are good at, rather than your weaknesses.

This is because if you do not improve right away, there is the tendency to give up and feel even less confident. By working on your strengths first, you can make them even more refined, and boost your confidence in those areas.

  • Ask questions

Being confident is about learning and improving.

Therefore, you should never be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions shows that you want to learn more and improve your knowledge and can be the difference between doing a job excellently or incorrectly (which will not help with confidence at all).

  • Remind yourself of your successes

It is difficult to become more confident if you are focussing on the tasks that you have not done well.

Think about all your successes instead to boost how you feel about yourself and your role. Even if you have not achieved something big yet, there are always small successes that you can think about.

For example, you may have only just entered a new role and are not confident in it yet, but you got the job! You applied, were interviewed and out of everyone else was successful. That must mean something.

  • Fake it until you make it

As said, confidence will not just appear overnight.

By acting confident and have a positive mindset you will see that eventually it will come naturally to you. Even if you are terrified on the inside, be brave and appear confident on the outside and you will see that it is not as hard as you may have thought.

  • Enjoy yourself

Taking yourself, life, and work too seriously can result in a lack of confidence.

You will find that by loosening up and enjoying your work, you will naturally become more confident in what you do. Learning to laugh at your mistakes and take criticism with good humour will help you to feel more confident in what you do achieve.

By following these tips here, you will see progression happen over time that will improve not only how you work, but also how you feel about yourself.

Progression may be slow, but you will learn how to become more confident the more you put these points into practice.